How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Yahoo

Fed up with annoying messages in your Yahoo inbox? We have got you covered!

Below, we bring you the troubleshooting steps to get rid of unwanted emails in Yahoo.

Go through these steps to know how to stop unwanted emails in Yahoo.

5 Must-Follow Steps to Ward off Unwanted Emails in Yahoo (on Web Browser) 

When your Yahoo Mail is constantly bombarded by unsolicited/ unwanted emails, we advise you to be patient and check out some of the important tips shared by our knowledgeable experts. 


This article will teach you how to block unwanted emails in your Yahoo Mail

Note: The following steps will be applicable to the web versions of Yahoo Mail.


  1. Start a web browser and go to Yahoo Mail. Use login credentials and log into your account. Look for the ‘Settings’ gear icon and click on it (located in the upper-right corner of the window).
  2. Click on the ‘More Settings’ option (located at the bottom of the ‘Settings’ pane)
  3. You will need to select ‘Security and Privacy’ (located in the left pane). Now, click ‘Add’ (it should be placed next to ‘Blocked Addresses’).
  4. Select the ‘Address’ text box and enter the unwanted email address. (The Address text box should be in the ‘Add an email address to block’ section.)
  5. Now, click the ‘Save’ button.

Once the above steps are carried out properly, the unwanted email senders will not be able to send any more emails.

The good thing is Yahoo Mail doesn’t notify the email senders that they have been blocked.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Yahoo (on Yahoo Mobile) 

Use these helpful tips to block unwanted emails in your Yahoo Mail inbox.

  1. Tap the Yahoo Mail app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the menu (located in the top-left corner).
  3. Under “Tools”, click ‘Filters’. You will then need to click the ‘+’ icon (in the top-right corner).
  4. Enter a name for the new filter and enter the senders’ email addresses that you wish to block in the ‘Sender’ field.
  5. Click ‘Done’!

How to Stop Spam and Junk Email in Yahoo Mail App

Most spam emails get caught by Yahoo’s spam filters. However, there are some emails that slip through. In such cases, you will have to mark them as spam and let Yahoo learn about it.

  • Filter out Spam: If Yahoo’s spam filters couldn’t get hold of some emails that slip through into your inbox, you should let Yahoo know about it. To aid Yahoo to take appropriate measures, you must flag those emails as spam to help train the filter.
  • You may select one or multiple emails and tap the ‘more icon’ as per your OS (Android or iOS)
  • Tap ‘Mark as spam
  • Unsubscribefrom Mailing Lists and Retail Ads:A website starts sending you emails when you sign up with it to access its information. The website automatically adds your email address to its mailing list. However, you can always unsubscribe from their mailings within the email. Here’s how to do it –
  • Open an email
  • Tap the ‘More’ icon and then tap ‘Unsubscribe

If you didn’t see the unsubscribe option, use the subscriptions tab.

  • From the inbox view, you should tap the ‘More’ icon option.
  • Tap ‘Subscriptions
  • Tap ‘Unsubscribe’ (under the mailing list)

That’s how you get rid of unwanted emails in Yahoo.

If you failed to carry out the above steps, you can simply get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Service 24/7 Support team.