Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Working – What to Do?


Although Yahoo is known for its great features that come in handy in business, it doesn’t guarantee to fulfill all the demands. Imagine this – you need to send an important email with some attached files to your client but seems like Yahoo Mail attachments are not working. You seem to be in deep trouble. That’s what Yahoo often does, making its users look for instant solutions.


Top Reasons Why Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Working


When you attach a document or file to your Yahoo Mail, it will appear at the bottom of the email as a file name or image thumbnail with options for downloading or removing the attachment as needed. Since you have an issue with your mail that can’t attach files, you are not likely to come across those indicators. Here are some top reasons that we believe should be responsible for ‘Yahoo Mail attachment not working’.

  1. Yahoo Issues: An upgrade in Yahoo Mail can temporarily shut down certain features. (Read below about ‘can’t attach files in the Yahoo Mail app’)
  2. File Restrictions: Are you trying to attach a file that weighs more than 25 MB? Or, does your file have a name that contains special characters such as dollar signs, hashtags, slashes, symbols, or punctuations? When you are doing the above things, Yahoo wouldn’t let you complete the task successfully. Also, you are out of luck if you attach an encrypted file. Make sure you are not any of these. Only then you can attach a file or document without failing.
  3. Browser Problems: Did you check your web browser? Maybe, you are using an older version that is not compatible? Or, if you try to access your Yahoo Mail account other than the approved ones (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge), Yahoo Mail won’t work. So, before you sign in to your Yahoo account, ensure you are using a supported browser. Also, you must have enabled the recent versions of Adobe Flash and JavaScript.
  4. Disable Anti-virus Program Temporarily: Unless you need anti-virus software, disable it for some time to add attachments to Yahoo Mail successfully. Some anti-virus programs are incompatible, thus prevent users from accomplishing various jobs. Even after disabling it, if you can’t attach files, it is maybe due to some hidden malware. You are advised to scan your system. Also, active programs including automatic background software updates wouldn’t let you attach files to Yahoo Mail.

What to Do When You Can’t Attach Files in the Yahoo Mail App?

Check your device’s settings when you can’t attach files in the Yahoo Mail app.


Both iOS and Android users should ensure that they are using the latest version of the app. Try out the following steps when ‘Yahoo Mail app attachments not working’.

  • Features Unavailable on Mobiles: There are some features only available in the desktop version. Get back to the desktop version if something is not working.
  • App Is Slow: If your app freezes or crashes and is slow, you may force stop and restart the app. It refreshes the active memory when you force stop.
  • Check Network Access: When you can’t attach files to your Yahoo Mail app, check your phone for an active network.
  • Review Your App Permissions: Make sure the review permissions for Android apps is enabled. App permissions allow apps to connect to other information on your phone.

Followed every step meticulously but failed to fix the issue? You need technical assistance. Reach out to the Yahoo Support team today!