How to Change Your Location in Yahoo Mail?

By accessing the “Account Information” panel in Yahoo, you can easily change your primary language and location preferences. Let’s make it easier to understand, suppose if you live in the United States, the default language of your Yahoo account is English. As a result, you can get all the buttons and other interface elements of your Yahoo Mail in English.

When you make changes in your language, region, and favorite locations, it automatically applies to all your connected Yahoo features and tools, including the Yahoo Mail account. To make changes in your language or location preferences, you must be signed in to your Yahoo account. That’s the basic step you will need.

On this page, we will be conversing about how to change your language or location preferences in yahoo mail account and identify the well-suited steps for the process without meeting up any complications.

Important Note - Yahoo supports more than 80 languages and variations of languages, such as US English vs. Australian English to select as alternatives.

How to Change Your Languages in Yahoo Mail?

If you are belonging to the French community and creating your Yahoo account, then you must know that the default language of Yahoo is English. The first question bumps-up into your head is “How do I change my language preferences in Yahoo”? Well, this is why we are here to help you in your difficult times. Follow these steps and know how to change the language of Yahoo mail.

· Login to your Yahoo mail account by using the valid credentials.

· Now, select your profile image or name in Yahoo Mail, then select Add or Manage Accounts option.

· From the Manage Accounts window, go to the Account Info tab.

· Now, from the Personal Info window, select Preferences and then choose the Language drop-down arrow.

· Select the language button that you want to use for your Yahoo Mail interface.

· Finally, close the tab and click Save then return to your inbox.

You can also change the spell checker language in Yahoo if you compose messages in multiple languages.

How Do I Change the Location Preferences in My Yahoo Profile?

Whether you have transferred your home to a new location or shifted your office to grab new opportunities, you can easily adjust Yahoo location preferences and change them to update your profile.

Yahoo updates location automatically whenever the device you are in using Yahoo moves into a new area. All you have to do is enable the location feature on your device or the web browser that you are using.

Here we are providing useful steps to use location service to adjust your current location –

#1 Turn on-location services for your mobile device that you are using to access Yahoo

A. iOS Location Settings (Step-By-Step Guide)

· iOS Device- Open Settings and then explore Location Services under Privacy. After this, turn on the Location Service toggle bar and complete the further steps.

· Safari- Pursue the above-guided steps and make sure the browser’s location setting is enabled.

· Chrome for iOS- On your iPhone, got to the settings and tap on Chrome. Now, explore Location and then choose the option you want as your default setting.

B. Android location settings

· Android device – Go to Settings and tap the Security & location and then Advanced. Now, click on the Location button and move the slider on the ON side.

· Firefox – Open Mozilla web browser on your Smartphone and click on Menu icon. Then go to Settings and click on Mozilla. Scroll down the page to reach Mozilla Location Service and click the checkbox to enable the location services.

· Chrome for Android – Launch Chrome and click More. Tap on Settings and then click Site Settings > Location. At last, tune the location ON.

#2 Turn on-location services for your desktop web browser that you are using to access Yahoo Mail

C. Enable the location feature in Edge –

· To start with, go to the Start button and explore Settings.

· Now, select Cortana and select Permissions or Permissions & History.

· In the next step, go for Manage the information Cortana can access from this device and finally turn the Location settings ON.

D. Enable the location feature in Chrome –

· Open the Chrome web browser and click More, then Settings.

· click on the Advanced and then Site settings under “Privacy and security”.

· Now, tap Location and complete the procedure.

We hope that you clearly understand the above-guided steps to change the language or location preferences in Yahoo Mail. However, if you need more comprehensive experts help then yahoo support phone number usa to reach professional aid.